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who we are

Word of Life Christian Center

is a place where those who are hungry for the bold, uncompromising Word can be fed; a place that manifests the power of the Holy Ghost with signs, wonders, miracles and a true prophetic proclamation. The blessing of the Holy Ghost has caused people from the north, south, east and west to come, hear the uncompromised Word, and be transformed by the demonstration of the Holy Spirit.

In the fall of 2000, Word of Life Christian Center finished construction and opened a new 100,000-square-foot location in Lone Tree, Colorado. Dr. Bagwell’s desire is that this facility be a tool to build the kingdom and be a dwelling place for the glory of God in the Denver metro area.


Our Vision

Word of Life Christian Center exists to proclaim and demonstrate the power and love of God through the uncompromised preaching of the Word, manifestation of the gifts of the Spirit, and serving and educating others with excellence, all to mature God’s people to reach the lost.

our pastors


Pastor Tim + Gayla Bagwell

Dr. Tim Bagwell began his full-time ministry in 1972. His ministry, through evangelistic crusades, conferences, and seminars has taken him across the United States and into several foreign countries as a prophetic evangelist. He has literally touched hundreds of thousands of lives across this world with a bold, un-compromising message, with signs following. Pastors worldwide solicit his ministry because of its balance of pastoral and evangelistic experience. He has authored five books: Prophetic Generation, Possessing Your Prophetic Promise, Empowered for the Call, Empowered for Life,

and When I See the Blood.



Pastors Tim & Gayla Bagwell were married in October 1975. The Bagwells have two sons, Adam and Aaron; two beautiful daughter-in-laws, Sarah and Teri; and five grandchildren: Timothy, Jonathan, Annika,

Brooklyn, and Alexandria.

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