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Pastor Gayla’s lifetime dream of producing a Christian Women’s Magazine came to pass in 2008 when the first edition of Shine Magazine was released. It was from this magazine that Shine Ladies Ministry was birthed and has since flourished into what it is today.  Shine’s desire is to shine forth the glory of God in every area of a woman’s life. We pray that your life will be transformed through this blog into becoming a Daughter of the King.

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Gayla Events

“Gayla Events” have become widely known as a time of celebration, teaching, and impartation. At each “Gayla Event” you can expect incredible food, fellowship, powerful music, beautiful giveaways, and an inspiring, revelatory word from Pastor Gayla. It is through her visual illustrations that ladies feel as though they have been ministered to and experienced a life-changing event. Gayla has a special anointing on her life to pray for the physical, spiritual, and emotional needs of women who need a touch from God. At these meetings, women may come in one way but they definitely do not leave the same.


Sound Mind Teaching

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